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Principal Engineer III- Software Testing

One of the great benefits of creating a YouTube channel like "Monday Morning Automation" is that whenever I forget how to do something, I can refer to one of my videos. I needed to add an SSH key to my GitHub account tonight, so I watched my video about it and let my past self teach my present self how to do it. Thanks, past me! 😆

Ivan Karaman

Principal QA Engineer | Test Automation Coach | Quality Advocate


Lol, I did the exact same thing in the past with a few of my videos! 😁 (at the time, I also realised that "I wish it was a blog post" as videos are not very search-friendly)

☕ Judy Mosley

✍🏼 QA Engineer at TextUs | Risk Assessment | Failure is Feedback


I always make notes for myself now. I want to be the tool tip I need to see in the world!

Kunaal Thanik

Sr. SDET | QA/Test Engineer [AWS CCP Certified ] UI & API Test Automation [ Python, Playwright, PyTest, Request ], CI/CD [ Jenkins ]


Good to know that I am not alone who sometimes forget things and search for same thing again. But not sure how the interviewers expect to remember everything. 😆

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